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Craftivity Day!!! YEAH!!!

30 Dec Craftivity Day!!! YEAH!!!

I  was reading {You Are Made for a GOD Sized Dream} by Holley Gerth.  In the first few pages it asked me what I dreamed about when I was a kid….This one is huge….I always wanted to craft all day long with no interruptions… from my Mom chasing me to do chores or my sisters hounding me to play with them or from all those activities that fill up a young persons day.  I wanted a day just for me, to be me, to explore my ideas, to make whatever I wanted without it being graded…..So, this single dream hasn’t happened for me yet { I came close once} , but the bigger God Sized Dream is starting to unfold as I have opened the doors of my home studio this year and started up some classes this  past  fall.  When things started clicking in my brain I took the brave chance and asked Meg Duerksen if I could rent her cutest craft house on the planet to use for a kids craft day.  She gently responded Yes and encouraged me to be Brave!  Not a softer heart you will find….

So here it is….Craftivity Day. It is scheduled on a Hesston School Inservice day where kids have the day off.  What a great way to spend the day. Maybe one of your kiddos has the same dream I had when I was a tween?  The flier with sign up links is below…..And if you sign up real quick {by Jan 1st} You can use the code craftivity20 to get $20 off your total. And if you have more than one crafter in your family and both want to come then we can take $50 off your total…{contact me for that code}


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